Global auditing and consultancy

In need of down-to-earth auditing and consultancy in GDPR? With Audittrail you are at the right address! We are specialized in the areas of Information Security, Privacy, Quality and GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance). We are well-trained and aware of the current situation of the disciplines and your industry. In addition, we find great value in our pleasant relationship with our customers. Are you wondering if we have the right connection? Invite us for a Skype meeting without obligations, but with advice!

Our specialisms

Information security

Scare tactics will not suffice. A reality-check will. How secure are you actually? As a security expert, the Audittrail takes the information security of your organization to a higher level.

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Privacy and GDPR

Personal data is of great value. Are you and your colleagues aware of this? We are happy to help improve the data protection and awareness of your organization.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

A optimal application for Governance, Risk and Compliance is essential for a strong business operations. The Audittrail is happy to take a look at your organization.

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Business processes must work well together. Do the current processes fit well together? The Audittrail gladly helps to determine the quality.

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Meet our team

Audittrail Team | 2018

Audittrail is founded by Jorrit van de Walle. Due to his observation that just a few consultancy firms help their clients to the next level, he started his own. This is why we wake up early and fill our days with fullfillment. We achieve this, day by day with these pillars. 

Our auditors and consultants are real specialists. They are experts in their field. They can give you decent advice.

After our help you can continue, because you can implement our advice yourself. Do you prefer help? Of course we can help. Just what you need?

We ensure that we are aware of the latest laws and regulations, specifically on your branch. This way we can give you optimal advice.

It is possible to divide assignments into sub-processes. This way you will not be stuck with us for two years. Unless you want to, of course.

Our fields are not very ‘sexy’. Yet our consultants know how to make projects fun thanks to their enthusiasm, high level of knowledge and accessibility.

Comprehensible communication is an art. We do everything we can to convey our findings and advice to you and your colleagues as clearly as possible.

Do you have a need that we do not yet anticipate on or focus on enough? Let us know. We thrive on continuously improving our services.