Frequently Asked Questions

We created this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with a wink😉. Some of the questions have actually been asked, others we know to be alive. Because we like clarity, we've dedicated a page to them anyway.


1. Is auditing really that boring?

Yes and no. As with anything, auditing is also what you make of it. Of course, we work a lot from behind a computer and use jargon. But our mission is to make what we do understandable and logical so that everyone gets it. And that everyone also sees the benefit of what we do. And then it soon becomes less boring.

2. Do you have any "men in suits"?

We have those. If you want it. We also have men and women in jeans and sneakers. We do our best to empathize with your in organization. If a certain choice of clothing increases the support for our mission, we are happy to comply.

3. What about certifications and degrees?

All our auditors have the right papers and certifications. Quality is important to you, and so it is to us.

4. Suppose you guys supervised an implementation with us. Can you then also carry out the audit?

No, we can't. And we don't want to either. Firstly, because the butcher should not inspect his own meat. That did not go well with the beef that turned out to be horse meat. Secondly, because quality is important. Although we are 100% convinced of the quality of our work, we recommend that the audit be carried out by another auditor.

5. Do you do everything?

Unfortunately. Our eagerness to learn has given us a lot of knowledge. In addition, we have a wide range of interests. However: we also have the insight that you cannot know everything. That is why we work with experts. Each with his or her own specialism. Are you missing a specialism? In our network we will certainly find a suitable auditor for you.

6. Are you expensive?

Our rates are absolutely competitive. We realize that you do not have an infinite budget. In order to achieve optimum budget control, we often choose to split assignments into partial ones. Clear and fair.

7. Do you do "appreciativ auditing"?

The definition of this is "An appreciative inquiry approach makes the audit conversation a dialogue from which to learn" and we wouldn't know how auditing works any other way. Of course we will tell you if things are not right or if you are running very high risks. The learning is paramount!


Another question not in this FAQ list?