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Information Security

The GDPR & CCPA are both legislative challenges, that can be tackled by a solid privacy compliance program. But with privacy compliance alone you cannot ensure full information security compliance. The risk of a potential data breach, caused by technological or human error, is always lurking. In order to maintain an adequate level of security you will need a multi-disciplinary approach.

For continuous compliance, Audittrail offers an end-to-end solution that covers both privacy compliance and information security.

In order to enable the desired level of control you need to:

  • Run a solid program

  • Supported by intelligent Software

  • Powered by services and knowledge

We are living in a time where change seems to be the only constant, with new digital developments as an important influence. Information security has a strong correlation with Privacy and GDPR, your security and compliance issues are broader than just locking the door or creating a data processing register. The current digital society and the new cyber threats force each organization to manage the information security issues in a different, measured and appropriate manner.

Are you able to adapt to the fast digitalization in the world and increasing complexity to remain a reliable partner for your customers, employees and suppliers?

Set of standards

ISO 27001/2
ISO 27701

Information Security Solutions

Security Baseline Status Assessment

Security Compliance Framework

Security Maturity Assessment 

Risk assessment


CISO as a Service

Business Continuity Management & Cyber Response plan

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