Another pandemic! It's 2 for 12
Almar Anes
17 december 2021 

Another pandemic! It's 2 for 12

We are not yet rid of the corona pandemic, or the next one is already underway. Both remain part of life. Although you can, of course, do something about both. Enough has already been said about the coronavirus pandemic, so I'm not going to comment on that here. But about the other pandemic, namely the ransomware pandemic.


Ransomware is also called hostage software. This is a widely used tool of hackers. By sending software(malware), they can block data or even the computer with all the consequences. In this case, the hacker always asks for a ransom to make the computer or data available again. Paying the ransom does not mean that you actually get access to your data again or that it does not happen again. Even if you have access to the data or computer again, the software of the hostage-taker is still there. So after some time, they can shut down the system again. Or you will be extorted again, with the threat that they will make the downloaded data public. Therefore, the cost quickly mounts up.

How do I prevent ransomware?

100% prevention is impossible. There only has to be one moment of inattention, and without you realizing it, the malware is placed. You can reduce the risk. You can do this by continuously paying attention to awareness. The more one is aware of it, the faster one can take action. Besides awareness, you also have to make sure that everything is technically in order. This is where OT-Security comes in. As an organization, you can use OT-Security to take a big step towards preventing cybercrime. This means that you will be securing the operational technology. It is vital to start working on this to be well protected before becoming a ransomware victim. Look at the example, VDL from this year and Norske Hydro from 2019. Not all organizations can use OT. That is not a problem, but you can still ensure that it is all technically in order. For example, make sure that the system administrator does not do everything on 1 device. But that he does his daily work on the computer and his admin work on a separate laptop or another device. It may seem cumbersome, but you protect the organization a little better this way.

Why a pandemic?

Ransomware can nowadays be seen as a pandemic because it occurs on the assembly line and has grown enormously worldwide in recent years. Many organizations are still not adequately protected against ransomware. Brussels now wants to take action, and companies (of a specific size) throughout Europe are obliged to defend themselves against cybercrime. If a company does not do this, they can expect a fine of 2% of their annual turnover. With these rules, they try to prevent and prevent cybercrime. Action is therefore needed! (Source AD)

And now?

Now it's time for action! As an organization, you do not want to become a victim of any form of crime because the consequences are incalculable. Vear coming is much better than taking action afterwards. Because in addition to the enormous financial implications, you also have to deal with other consequences, such as image damage as an organization. And that is not something you can solve just like that.

2 for 12

Get started with awareness and OT security. It's 2 for 12. You're not too late to take action!
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