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Compliance Audit

With the new GDPR impacting global companies which hold data on European Union (EU) citizens, businesses are having to take steps very quickly to comply with this regulation. Whether you want to start small or big with managing your compliance and regulatory risks, we have the people and technology to help. Our compliance & regulatory management platform is a management platform that is designed to work specifically for your business.

Auditing is a way to increase assurance for management on the measure of compliance. Risk assessments are part of our compliance and IT Audit services. Types of audits we provide:

  • IT-quality;The day to day management of organizations can no longer do without IT. Having large and all deciding IT systems is not only easy and efficient, it is also a risky business model. If there is a disruption in the landscape and availability there are not only financial damages but is often accompanied by reputational damage. It is therefore important to check the quality of IT by regularly organizing neutral and professional audits.
  • IT-audit
  • Continuity and Calamity management audit
  • Third-party audit

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