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Privacy Compliance

Are you responsible for privacy within your organization? You know what privacy means, but not how you should shape privacy within the organization or do not know where you stand exactly. Do you hear terms like processing registers, privacy policies, DPIAs and you name it and you don't see the forest for the trees anymore? Do you want to prevent your organization from receiving a fine from the Authority for Personal Data, because you have not set it up properly or because there has been a breach of personal data?

Not clear what exactly needs to be done to comply with the GDPR?

As an organization, since the introduction of the GDPR, you must comply with various obligations. By complying with these obligations, your organization is accountable for how they handle personal data. Is it not clear where you stand or do you not know where to start:

  • Ask us to support you and the organization to comply with the GDPR. 
  • Set up the privacy program together with us.
  • During the process you can learn and gain more knowledge and experience that you can put into practice immediately or later.

Depending on the question, handles are provided that are clear enough to take on yourself or together with us to ensure that the organization will comply with the GDPR. Do you want to take the first step? Then take a look at our solutions below.

Privacy Solutions

Standard documentation set

Baseline Status Assessment

Maturity Assessment

Privacy Management Software

DPO as a Service


Privacy Expert

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