Audittrail Helpdesk

Remote expert support

A chatbox has often become the function for websites where visitors can ask their questions. Audittrail approaches this differently with the Audittrail Helpdesk.

Difficult questions, not having the right knowledge in-house, having the right knowledge in-house but not in the field of information security or privacy. That's where many organizations are running against. Extra support when you want it in the field of privacy, information security and awareness is the ideal solution. But is it available?

Yes, there is! There is. Namely the Audittrail Helpdesk. Here clients can ask questions about various topics in the field of privacy and information security and within 48 hours an answer is given. Clients can take out a subscription or ask questions at an hourly rate. Curious about the Audittrail Helpdesk? Download the product sheet here!

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