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About us

Distinctive services

Audittrail is an audit and consulting firm in the disciplines of information security, privacy, quality and GRC. We find it important that our advice is clear and understandable and provides good handles so that the organization itself can implement the advice. Our reports are concise, transparent and provide real input for a lasting improvement. We see it as our goal to share knowledge.

Team Audittrail

Management team

Jorrit van de Walle | Audittrail

Jorrit van de Walle

Managing Director

Joyce de Jong | Audittrail

Joyce de Jong

Director Consultancy & Privacy lawyer

Business Development

Erik Stein | Audittrail

Erik Stein

Business Development

Paul Mol | Audittrail

Paul Mol

Business Development

Ralph Drijver | Audittrail

Ralph Drijver

Business Development


Savanne de Graaf | Audittrail

Savanne de Graaf

Privacy lawyer & adviser

Roel Gielkens | Audittrail

Roel Gielkens

Privacy consultant

Jennifer Tompul | Audittrail

Jennifer Tompul

Privacy consultant

Erik van den Beld | Audittrail Group

Erik van den Beld

Privacy Consultant
Barry Derksen | Audittrail

Barry Derksen

Information Security Specialist

Timo Koot | Audittrail

Timo Koot

Consultant Awareness & Social Engineering 

Dylan Schreurs 

Consultant Information Security

Bruce Martens | Audittrail Group

Bruce Martens

Application Development

Rogier Verdier | Audittrail Group

Rogier Verdier

Senior Security Consultant
Jos Terlage | Audittrail

Jos Terlage

Trainee ICT & Information Security

Carlien Daniels | Audittrail

Carlien Daniels

Project manager Information Security & Privacy | Consultant Microsoft Security & Compliance

Simone Versteeg | Audittrail

Simone Versteeg

Consultant Microsoft Security & Compliance


Rob Sterk | Audittrail

Rob Sterk

Joyce van der Wal | Audittrail

Joyce de Vos-van der Wal

Office Management & HR