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There are three large liabilities when it comes to usage of data and the way data is being used, managed, provided of stored. Cyber threats, IT security failures and by far the largest liability: human error.

A solid Privacy & Information Security awareness program can teach your colleagues to handle sensibly and correctly with sensitive information and data. They can be tested and made aware about their responsibilities in a positive and constructive manner.

One of the rules in the regulations of the GDPR is that you have done everything you can in training and coaching your employees in the handling of related data. Our awareness program does just that!

Research shows that employees are the most important link in the adequate protection of (sensitive) information. That is why it is so important to take employees along into the world of privacy and information security.

  • What are the risks
  • What needs to be watched and monitored
  • What can the employee do to protect (sensitive) information?

In our Privacy & Information Security awareness program, we have a range of activities that provides attention to privacy and information security in a positive and fun way.

Awareness solutions

Awareness campaign

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Awareness Training

Phishing as a Service

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USB-stick Test

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Security testing

What exactly is the Awareness campaign?

The Awareness campaign is one of our indispensable tools for compliance, naturally also with AVG compliance.

Our campaign supports two solutions within the AVG issue:

  • On the one hand, the overview provides how agile your colleagues are in dealing with privacy.
  • On the other hand, it gives you a grip on the mapping of the effect of the AVG measures that you use.

You will gain insight into the degree of involvement of your colleagues in the safeguarding of Personal Data. Our tool offers you a step closer to achieving your AVG objectives, for both the mandatory and your own objectives.

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