Audittrail is officially Microsoft partner.
19 november 2020 

Audittrail is officially Microsoft partner.

I hear you think, "Microsoft partners sell licenses and do deployments, don't they?" That's right. But we at Audittrail do it differently. Like we do things differently. We have been in good contact with Microsoft for years. Both with the Dutch branch and with the head office in Seattle, USA. Based on what we learned over those years, we made the decision to officially become Microsoft Partner. We are convinced that we can help our customers even better in the rapidly changing security and privacy world.

So what do we do; and who are we as a Microsoft Partner?

What do we do? We provide security and privacy consulting services in relation to Microsoft products. More specifically: We help organizations to test their security and privacy in the Microsoft domain and to set up safely and properly.

You can think of a Cloud review of all security institution of Microsoft 365, but also in supporting in setting up Microsoft Compliance Center or Microsoft Security Center or in running the security or E-compliance workshop. In addition, our dedicated Microsoft Team has all the knowledge of labeling information within Microsoft 365. The possibilities are many.

We mainly focus on giving advice, conducting assessments and reviews, as you are used from us. Only now on the entire Microsoft 365 environment. So our focus isn't on selling licenses or implementing Microsoft 365, but we're happy to watch with you.

Of course you can come to us for (additional) licenses. If one of our studies shows that they are really needed, that is not a problem. But of course you can also do that with your trusted supplier.

Need support or want to know more about security, compliance and privacy in relation to Microsoft 365? Or do you want to run a Cloud review? Please feel free to contact us.

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