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Providing End-to-End GDPR Support for the Digital Workplace

Providing End-to-End GDPR Support for the Digital Workplace

Fighting the rise in GDPR point solutions and compliancy quick-fixes, the 5.25 (5.25 being the date the GDPR goes into effect) consortium aims to address GDPR compliance in the digital workplace.

Mavim, Audittrail, & Motion 10 have teamed up in The Netherlands to provide Office 365 users the end to end support they need to make their collaboration environments GDPR compliant. We are currently expanding this proven model to the international O365 Microsoft ISV community.

What’s it all about?

Audittrail helps organizations to assess the impact of the law on their organization, which gets visualized and managed in the Mavim platform.

Mavim compliance management software helps organizations to understand the impact of the GDPR on their organization and operational processes

The Microsoft ISV partner uses this information to implement a “future-proof”, GDPR-compliant collaborative IT environment.

Using Microsoft’s Cyber and compliance management software combined with Mavim and Audittrail’s solutions we provide an end-to-end compliance management solution.

By leveraging the Mavim platform for the initial implementation, organizations will be prepared to continuously answer questions like:

  • What are the organizational processes, the associated risks and control measures?
  • Where is information captured in my organization?
  • Where is it processed and by whom?
  • Who has access to said information?

This empowers continuous compliance to new regulations as they appear.

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