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Advisory Partner model

''Achieve more? Together!''

Customers desire a new way of delivery, no longer big stacks of paper but a durable solution that helps them gain insight, control and self-reliance.

The business model for management consultancy is shifting – the added value is no longer just providing knowledge and expertise but is shifting to providing real solutions and tailor-made diagnoses.

The consultancy companies that actively disrupt their competitors focus on the customer’s needs. They deliver what the customer wants – namely business results – at a faster rate and more professional delivery model than their competitors.

With our solutions created in a platform based on the Microsoft Office product suite, Audittrail enables other consultancy firms to reuse their existing data from their customers and continue using the known Microsoft technologies.

Our products and services can be delivered via our partner community, providing the customer the opportunity to keep the current relationship with their “trusted advisor” alive and healthy.

We empower our partners and their customers: “Achieve more! Together!”

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We are always looking for the right partner with whom we can help our customers go even further! 

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