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Microsoft Partner model

Manage your Privacy, Information Security (Cyber), compliance programs with one trusted Partner.

Microsoft has taken note of 5.25’s success in providing customers with a “future-proof” GDPR solution and has invited us to the headquarters of Microsoft Corp in Redmond, Washington on April 3 & 4th 2018 to explain their approach.

Not only has 5.25 been empowering customers to become fully compliant to the GDPR, but 5.25 is a prime example of three Microsoft partners working together to provide end-to-end support to anyone working and collaborating in Microsoft’s digital workplace – Office 365.

Customers choose 5.25:

  • To make an inventory, analyze and manage who, where, when, and what data is processed
  • To register procedures and connect these with the GDPR guidelines
  • To make collaboration environments (such as Office365) GDPR compliant
  • To generate detailed reports and dashboards and communicate these to users, auditors and supervisors
  • To get and stay demonstrably in control

Audittrail and Mavim are extending this business model and consortium with new worldwide partners for empowering Microsoft’s customers in the domains described.

  • CirTekPro (*new)
  • Arth Systems (*new)
  • Motion10
  • Mavim

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Partner | Audittrailgroup